Nutrition Checklist of Professional Runners


Having trouble deciding the perfect diet to go along with your running sessions? I have the solution for you. Below in this article I have covered a few eating rules all runners must follow in order to have a good diet.

Eat more of unprocessed foods

The less processed food you eat the better it is for your health. Unprocessed food items like whole grains, fish, meat, vegetables and fruits etc. are not only nutritious items but are also heart friendly. They will give your body all the important nutrients it needs to fuel your runs.

Apart from that they will also speed up your post run recovery. So make sure you fill up your fridge, kitchen pantry etc. with as many unprocessed food items as possible. Unprocessed foods can be bought even on a tight budget.


Divide your meals

Eating 3 large meals in a day? Well it is the usual norm but for runners it’s not ideal. Eating smaller meals throughout the day is the way to manage your diet.

Runners usually need more calories during the day than other people and thus this is ideal. Eating something nutritious every 2-3 hours ensures your body has enough energy throughout the day and that you do not feel hungry at odd hours.

Eat what you love

We all crave to eat something but is controlling your cravings really a good idea? The problem with controlling yourself too much is that when you finally give in into your craving you may end up over eating.

So its best that each time you feel like eating something, eat small portions of it. Eating small portions in intervals ensures your cravings are satisfied and minimizes chances of you over eating at unwanted times.

Eat enough proteins

Often we runners pay too much attention to our carbs and neglect our protein intake but note that both are equally important. Proteins are needed since they help repair tissues that get hurt while you train.

Make sure 15% of your daily diet consists of proteins. Runners preparing to win a marathon or planning to run longer distances must eat a lot of proteins. Fish, eggs etc. are the best source of proteins.


Mix and match your diet

Eating the same foods every day? Well if you ask me it’s better to mix it up a little. Pasta is usually the go to food for most runners but if you are looking for something new I would suggest you try out some couscous, rice or quinoa.

Each fruit or vegetable that you consume provides your body with different nutrients and that is exactly why changing the diet a little is a good idea.

How to Speed Train


Speed training has a lot of advantages. It enhances your overall performance and form and also makes you more efficient and confident by helping you burn calories.

But do you know the right speed training technique? Below in this article I have covered for you 5 excellent speed training tips you must follow.

You need a strong running base

Are you a newbie or coming back from a long lay off due to an injury?  In case you are then I would advise you not jump into strength training for at least a few weeks because for speed training it is important that you have strong running base.

Make sure you run regularly for at least 2-4 weeks. This will help you build a good strong the base important for speed training. Not having a strong base can effect your running negatively.

Choose the right surface to run

Have you been running on uneven paths or roads with unwanted obstacles? For speed training it is important that you run on a smooth and clean surfaces because during your speed training routine your attention may be diverted by the discomfort it causes initially which might result in you toppling over something resulting in a serious injury and a long lay off. If you have access to a race track then nothing like it.


Start at a moderate pace

Tiring too quickly? Then I guess your making a common newbie mistake of running too fast too early into your speed training interval. Yes you have to put in a little extra effort but not so much that your heart rate and breathing are out of order.

Consistency is key when you speed train and if you are tiring out even before you complete your sets then you know it is time to slow down a bit.

Warm up each time

Consider your warm ups a waste of time? Well then you are doing it wrong. In my opinion it is important you spend at least 10 minutes warming up before rev up your speed. The benefit of a warm up is that it starts the blood flow to your muscles and prepares them for a quick run reducing chances of any injury like cramps etc.

Apart from that your heart rate as well as temperature increase at a steady pace and thus your entire body is better prepared for the training session.


Make sure your form is right

As I have mentioned above, speed training helps you enhance your running form. So when you start your speed training make sure you maintain the right form each time you run at a high speed.

Not sure what the right running form is? Make sure you check about it online and only then begin your speed training. To prevent inefficient workouts maintaining the right form is the key.

Get your Gear Right

If you’re a 21 year old athlete, you’d want to get a good pair of running shoes that are lightweight and flexible. However, if you’re a 50 year old woman then you’ll need a pair of walking shoes for women designed to be comfortable and keep you safe.

Make sure you get the gear that is specific to your body and age.

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5 Habits of a Mentally Strong Runner


Wondering how some runners are not nervous even minutes before the race begins or never actually complain about running or talk negatively about it?

Well if you have wondered these things then I have the answer for you. Below in this article I have covered 5 habits of a mentally strong runner.

Learning from the wrongs

Had a bad race? A race where you felt you could have done better, run faster etc. Well here is what mentally strong runners would do. They would pick themselves up, take note of the mistakes made either in a journal or in a blog, learn from them and move on.

So make sure you do not let a bad day spoil your training, learn from it and continue working hard for the next race.

Concentrate more on themselves

Most of us are often more worried with what the person beside us is doing but here is where mentally strong runners have the edge. These people concentrate on improving their skills, speed etc.

They understand that there will be someone better than them but instead of losing focus they set realistic goals and work hard towards achieving those goals.

So are you feeling de-motivated? Well then its time you to start focusing on yourself and working hard to achieve your goals.

They keep negativity away

Tired of friends or relatives talking negatively about you or your training? The best thing you can do is stay away from such negative people.

Runners that are mentally strong usually avoid talking to such people or avoid the topic of their running and training as much as possible.

Hearing negative comments might hamper your confidence and make you de-motivated. So stay strong, keep out the negativity and continue working on your goals.

They know the things in their control

Worried about the weather or other things beyond your control? Unable to deal with pre-race jitters? Here is how mentally strong runners deal with such trouble

Mentally tough runners pay more attention to things that are under their control such as their diet, their training sessions, their gear etc. They distract nervous thoughts and feelings buy focusing more on the things they can control.

They keep in mind their preparation

Doubting yourself before the race? Not sure you if you prepared well enough to win? Such self-doubt is exactly what mentally strong runners manage to keep away. They keep in mind the hard work they have put in to prepare for the race day and give it their best shot.

Before a race they check out their running logs, keep in mind the positives thoughts and remember the times they felt good running both mentally and physically. They keep in touch with positive friends that help them remain motivated.



WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine Review


Looking for a rowing machine that offers a full body workout and also fits well into your house with all the other furniture? Then the rowing machine I would recommend you get is the WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine. I have been using this rowing machine for the past year and really liked it for exactly the same reasons.

It comes with all the features you would expect from a top notch rowing machine and guarantees you a comfortable and relaxing workout. Below in this article I have covered all the specs and features you should know about the WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine.

About the manufacturer

The WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine is manufactured by WaterRower. This company is very well-known for its durable and sturdy rowing machines. Apart from the Classic their other top rowing machines are Natural, A1 Home, Oxbridge and Club.


The size of the WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine is 82.5 x 22.25 x 20 inches. This rowing machine like all other WaterRower rowing machines comes with water resistance. The weight of the rowing machine with an empty tank is 66.5 lbs and with a full tank it can rise to about 103.5 lbs.

It is made using American black walnut giving it a natural look and has a huge user capacity of 1000 lbs. Storing the rowing machine is simple since you can keep it upright and it comes with a self-generating power supply.



Confused about the assembly process? Well don’t be since it is quite simple. For experts about 15 minutes is enough to setup this rowing machine and for newbies half an hour should be enough.

Large part of the rowing machine comes assembled while you are provided the smaller parts and screws needed to put together the remaining machine. You are also given an instruction manual which makes the process simpler as it contains stepwise instructions.


A feature I like about WaterRower Classic Rowing Machine is its water resistance.The water resistance provides a more efficient workout and is the closest you will get to realistic rowing. It makes sure all major muscle groups such as your legs, arms, abs, shoulders, back, thighs and calves get the workout they need. Increasing as well as decreasing the resistance is quite simple and as long as you maintain it well you will not have to spend a penny on repairs.

Worried if your weight maybe too much? The 1000 lbs weight capacity ensures it’s a perfect machine for all sorts of users and along with the chest strap and the S4 display screen that can be viewed even from a distance and shows helpful information such as distance traveled, rowing duration, zone bar, stroke rate, heart rate and also resistance level you can track your progress and improve your workouts.



Using a water rowing machine for the first time?

[Runner Nutrition] 5 Amazing Food Items to Keep You Energised

Two men on an early morning run.

Are you using running as an excuse to eat more and getting away with it? If you aim to run faster and feel healthier it is better you keep tabs on your diet and to help you out below in this article I have covered a few snacks you can munch onto before you go about running.

Apple with peanut butter

I am sure you already understand the benefits of eating an apple daily but are you bored of it? Well in such a case grab on to some peanut butter and apply some of it to each apple slice.

Peanut butter is an excellent source of not only healthy fat but also proteins and to top it all, tastes amazing with apples. Just make sure you get natural peanut butter in order to avoid consumption of any added sugar or hydrogenated oils.


Whole wheat crackers with string cheese

Hungry again? Well this time get some whole wheat crackers and some string cheese. The benefit of eating whole wheat crackers is that they give your body the fiber and good carbs it needs during the run. On the other hand string cheese is a good source of proteins and also calcium.



Really bored of apples? Then the next best fruit for you is a banana. The benefit of eating bananas is that they provide your body with important carbs and also with potassium. Potassium is important for your body because it keeps away cramps.

Another reason that makes bananas such an ideal snack for runners is that fact that they can be easily digested since they contain simple sugars and low amount of fiber.  Just keep in mind that you go out running only 90 minutes after eating a banana.

Bunch of bananas isolated on white background

Energy and Cereal bars

In case you are looking for a snack that you can carry around easily to the gym or in your pocket while you run then a cereal or energy bar is the best snack for you but you need to make sure you find the right energy bar. Make sure you check the amount of fat and sugar these bars contain.

Look for energy bars with fewer ingredients to ensure you do not consume unwanted items. The energy bar I usually go for is the Kind Bar. These bars come in many different flavours and are made with natural items.


Yogurt and fresh fruits

Yogurt along with fruits is another snack I love. Yogurt contains low levels of fat and high levels of carbs making it another ideal snack for runners. Apart from that, yogurt also contains calcium, proteins and also potassium, all of which are important for your body to fuel your runs.

Yogurt also contains live and active cultures which enhance your digestive system and help you run better.


My Review of the PowerLine PPR200X Power Pack

Looking for a power rack that provides you with added safety and at the same time makes your workouts more efficient and effective? Then the power rack I would recommend to you is the PowerLine PPR200X power rack.

Usually found in top end gyms, this power rack is perfect for home gyms as well. It’s easy to use and can help you perform many exercises such as weight lifting, squats, shoulder shrugs, overhead presses, bench presses and even many different barbell workouts.


Have a small storage space in your house? Well the PowerLine PPR200X power rack will fit in just perfectly. The width of this power rack is 44 inches. The height is 82 inches and is depth is 46 inches.

Although it’s dimensions are quite small it provides a user with enough space for a comfortable workout.


Key features

A feature most users of this power rack really like is the wide walk in space it comes with which in turn ensures you have enough space for side to side movements.

Worried about injuries or that the power rack might fall on you? Well the wide walk in space ensures you can carry out any exercise without serious injuries just as along as your technique is correct. The safety rods of this power rack are quite strong and keep you safe while working out by preventing the power rack from tipping over.

The design and built of the power rack adds to the stability and make it perfect for users looking to perform barbell exercises. The 18 unique positions of this power rack make it ideal for all sorts of exercises.

Still not happy? Then go ahead and add a few attachments to it such as a lateral pull down or a J Hook attachment or even some plate holders in order to meet your workout goals.



Not willing to spend too much on a power rack? Well then this power rack is perfect for you as it will cost you just $350 which in my opinion is quite low considering the features it offers.


Not sure about the quality of the power rack? To ease your fears this power rack comes with a 10 year warranty and thus you can be sure that the product is up to expected standards and if used correctly and maintained well it can actually last you more than 10 years.


The PowerLine PPR200X power rack has gained a lot of popularity among users because of its excellent features and sturdiness. Apart from that its low cost also plays an important role. I also found assembling this power rack quite easy as compared to some of the other power racks

Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B901 Pro Spin Bike Review


Looking for your first spin but afraid of overspending on it? Then I would suggest you get the Sunny health and fitness SF-B901 pro spin bike. Even though it’s ranked as one of the best budget spin bikes by BodyGearGuide, its features are no less than a highly priced one.

Have a fun yet relaxing workout with this solidly built spin bike which is perfect for people looking to lose weight.

About the manufacturer

One company that has been committed to providing top quality gym equipments for many years now is Sunny Health and Fitness. Whether it is their rowing machine or a spin bike you can be sure of its durability.

Some of the other top spin bikes this company has manufactured are SF-B1110, SF-B1001, SF-B1203 and SF-B1002.


The dimensions of the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B901 pro spin bike are 48.5 x 20 x 46.5. Maximum user weight this spin bike can take is around 270 lbs and the bike itself weighs around 108 lbs.

As for the flywheel, it weighs about 40 lbs. The spin bike comes with a chain resistance system which you can easily adjust. The seat as well as the handlebars of the spin bike can be easily adjusted.



One reason why I love this spin bike is its easy assembly process. Most of this spin bike comes assembled thus making the setup short as well as simple.

All the other parts and tools needed for the assembly like the pedals; screws, Allen Wrench etc. will all come along with the package. It will only take you round 15-20 minutes to put together this spin bike irrespective of your expertise level. In case you get stuck you can refer to the guide provided with the package since it contains stepwise instructions.

Sunny Health & Fitness Belt Drive Indoor Cycle 2


Wondering why the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B901 pro spin bike is so highly rated? Well it’s mainly due to its sturdiness and its 40 lbs flywheel. Even during high intensity workouts it stays firmly fixed to the floor and the flywheel adds to the stability. It ensures that you get a more efficient workout and that you’re pedaling experience is effortless and sleek.

Worried about soared hands or injuries? The well-padded and easily adjustable seats and handlebars help maintain a firm grip even if your hands get all sweaty during high intensity workouts and keep your hands protected from rashes and burns and guarantee you an injury free workout. Just ensure your cycling technique is correct.

You can adjust the resistance of this bike even while working out as the knob is quite conveniently placed. The only issue I had with this spin bike was that tracking my workouts became quite difficult since it does not come with a monitor that displays stats like your cycling speed, calories bunt etc.

Still having trouble assembling the spin bike?

XMark Fitness Commercial Adjustable Weight Bench Analysis


Searching for an affordable weight bench that does not compromise on quality and features and provides a gym like workout at home itself? Then the weight bench perfect for you is the XMark fitness commercial adjustable weight bench.

Irrespective of whether you are an expert or a beginner, this weight bench will help you get the perfect workout. Below in this article I have covered all the things you should know about the XMark fitness commercial adjustable weight bench.

Declining ability

Unable to find a weight bench that declines further enough? Then XMark fitness commercial adjustable weight bench is ideal for you. The declining ability of this weight bench ensures you are able to perform a variety of different exercises that otherwise would not be possible.

Some of the top weight benches do not come with the declining feature which in my opinion is a major drawback but with this weight there is no such issue.


Stability provided

The frame of this weight bench is quite strong and you will not face any kind of instability issues. The rubber feet this weight bench comes with ensure that a tight grip is maintained with the ground even during high intensity workouts. A wobbling weight bench can result in a serious injury and thus it is best that you try out every weight bench once before you buy it.

Need more comfort? Well the rubberized area where you can place your legs during specific workouts will definitely provide you with the added comfort you seek.


Are you very tall? Well if you are then the XMark fitness commercial adjustable weight bench might not be perfect for you but for people with small storage space, it is ideal.  The dimensions of this weight bench are 52.50″ in length, 22.50″ in width and 50.50″ in height. The dimension of the seat cushion is 16″ in length and 16″ in width while the length of the back cushion is 33.50″ and its width is 11.50″.


Padding provided

The material that is used for padding of the XMark fitness commercial adjustable weight bench is a 3” Duraguard vinyl. This material is quite durable and strong.

The only problem for me was that the place where the padding is sewn together was visible but it’s not a very big flaw considering the other benefits you get with this weight bench.


Other features

The weight capacity of the XMark fitness commercial adjustable weight bench is higher than most other weight benches since it can hold around 1500 lbs. The 7 different positions the weight bench can be adjusted into allow you to perform exercises to strengthen your upper body muscles.

Wondering how you will move it around? It’s easy since it comes with transportation wheels. As mentioned above this weight bench is quite easily affordable and would cost you only $275.